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The Institut NeuroMyoGène belongs to the federation of laboratories of the East campus (SFR Santé Lyon Est) that regroups the technological platforms shared by the laboratories of the East campus: Genomics (Transcriptomes, exomes, genomes), Physiology (Exercise, cardiac and metabolic function), Microscopy (TEM, Two-photon, confocal, spining disk, time lapse video imaging, PALM/STORM, SPIM system), Animal facilities (hosting and Echography, TEP scan, IRM, Fluo-Tomography).

Microscopy and imaging

The imaging platform hosted in the same building as the INMG is part of the Lyon Bio-Image structure.

This platform is partly supported by the Lyon Hospitals and has privileged interactions with the bio-medical research community. It provides efficient light microscopy and transmitted electron microscopy. Super-resolutive light microscopy (PALM/STORM), light sheet microscopy and advanced expertise for image analysis are available. In 2017, it will be joined by Anipath, a platform devoted to the histological analysis of small animal models including phenotyping, diagnosis of morbidity cause, in situ gene expression studies.

Rodent facilities

The building comprises a conventional mouse facility that includes experimental rooms for surgery (electroporation, stereotaxy, microdialysis…). A nearby building hosts a shared germ free animal facility .

Biobanks: CBC Biotech

The INMG's director is also in charge of the cell culture facility of the Lyon University Hospitals. This facility is in charge of producing cell cultures from patient samples for both diagnosis (prenatal diagnosis; Ulrich and Betlem myopathies; seronegative myasthenia) and biobanking purposes. More than 50,000 cell lines derived from patients are cryopreserved, representing an invaluable patrimony for the study of over 500 pathologies.

CNRS UMS 3421 Biology of Caenorhabditis elegans

The CNRS UMS 3421 is a dedicated platform that provides per-fee services to the C. elegans community.

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