National collaborations


Alliance MyoNeuRALP brings together the local players of the Regional Reference Center for Rare Neuromuscular Diseases and the 4 University Hospital Research Centers involved in the study of the neuromuscular system and its pathologies:

  • INMG – 14 teams from the NeuroMyoGene Institute, Lyon
  • GReD – 2 teams of Genetics Reproduction and Development, Clermont Ferrand
  • GIN – 1 team from the Institute of Neuroscience, Grenoble
  • LIBM – 1 team of the Interuniversity Laboratory of Motor Biology, Saint Etienne

Led by Prof. Laurent SCHAEFFER, Director of INMG, this pole of excellence aims at developing multi-scale strategies to understand neuromuscular diseases, identify new therapeutic targets and bring out new treatments and innovative biomarkers.The MyoNeurALP alliance has been labeled “strategic pole” by the AFM-Téléthon which financially supports the research projects of the cluster for 7.2 million euros for 5 years.


› The INTEREST University Hospital Federation: this network has been labeled by the Ministry of Health (Investissement d’avenir) and INSERM to bring neurology closer to immunology and develop innovative approaches for inflammatory diseases of the nervous and neuromuscular system

› The national network of health of the neuromuscular diseases (FILNEMUS): the active part played by the actors of the network MyoNeuRALP in the setting up of the sector illustrates the national recognition of our expertise in research, diagnosis, databases and therapeutic tests

› RESOCANAUX: this consortium aims to address, through collaborative research, the clinical, genetic, physiopathological and therapeutic aspects of neuromuscular diseases involving ion channels.

› A dense network of collaborations:

  • Institute of Myology
  • ISTEM Stem Cell Institute
  • Atlantic Gene therapy
  • Timone Hospital, Marseille
  • Creteil Hospital / Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort
  • IGBMC Strasbourg


International collaborations


› More than 60 publications in high-impact journals (Nature, Cell, Lancet, Neuron …) since 2009.

› The creation of an International Laboratory Associated with the Ottawa Neuromuscular Disease Center (CNMD). With more than 800 people, the CNMD is one of the largest centers dedicated to neuromuscular disorders in the world. INMG has set up a program of scientific, clinical and teaching collaborations and exchanges with the CNMD. President of Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Frédéric Fleury, and Laurent Schaeffer, Director of INMG, were in Ottawa on January 29, 2019 for signing an agreement for the creation of an International Associated Laboratory in Neuromuscular Research. (for more information)