The “club d’imagerie”

The “club d’imagerie” brings together all the researchers working in the imaging field. Its activity consists in seminars, round tables and workshops on technological advances in microscopy. The “club d’imagerie” is open to researchers, PhD students, engineers, technicians and assistant professors interested in microscopy

  • Imaging techniques
  • Labeling protocols and strategies
  • Image Analysis


Our goal is to share our skills and know-how in order to create a network in the community of users of microscopy.This network will allow us to: keep informed, identify needs, find solutions and develop new skills in living imaging.

  • 23 Octobre 2018 Camilla Luccardini (CIQLE/INMG)
  • 01 Février 2019 Gabriel Bidaux (Laboratoire CARMEN)
  • Avril 2019 Ferréol Soulez (Observatoire de Lyon)


Julien Falk, CR
Camilla Luccardini, IR
Denis Ressnikoff, IE